Fleet Service

Nortex Express Lube - Fleet

Nortex Express Lube Center provides a comprehensive maintenance program that addresses all aspects of fleet vehicle repairs, including both preventive and corrective maintenance. We offer a broad range of fleet management services to meet each client’s changing needs.

Nortex Express Lube Center realizes the importance of providing a full range of fleet management services to assist corporations in achieving an efficient, economical and cost-effective approach to operating their vehicles.

By combining responsive customer service and highly experienced industry experts, Nortex Express Lube Center provides customers the best of all worlds. We recognize that every company fleet has different needs and has structured its customer service organization accordingly to provide the best possible fit. Our certified technicians work directly with each fleet management company to diagnose problems and ensure that every vehicle operates safely and efficiently. At Nortex Express Lube Center, we understand that time and safety is the key to success in your business. No appointment necessary. Services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.