About Us

Nortex Express Lube

 More Than Just An Oil Change!

Nortex Express Lube center is committed to delivering an exceptional preventive maintenance service experience. We strive to exceed your expectations. Our highly trained technicians treat every vehicle as if it were their own, and they are dedicated to providing the utmost in fast, friendly high-quality service.

We service most makes and models of vehicles, and you never need an appointment. Let us take the worry out of costly repairs or breakdowns by regularly maintaining your vehicle. Most vehicles come with a manufacturer's warranty that requires you to maintain it with periodic services. Nortex Express Lube has highly trained technicians that keep you informed of your vehicle's needs in accordance with manufacturer specifications. We provide most warranty-required services for less than most dealership prices. We also keep a complete maintenance history for you, taking the hassle out of keeping track of your vehicle's ongoing maintenance routine.

Nortex Express Lube takes this commitment seriously. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, please let us know.